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Our empire just keeps on growing. After weeks of tooling and retooling, we’ve finally settled on the perfect entry into the marketplace for submissive male readers. Introducing, Unlike so many sites catering to submissive men, is intended to offer intelligent information and advice to submissive men. That’s why we gave it the snappy subtitle – A Journal for the Submissive Male.” If that’s you, then here’s what you should expect — strong and engaging content catering to your interests, answers to questions, suggestions on how to navigate being a submissive male in today’s world, and of course lots of insights into the realm of female domination. is fun, smart and savvy. It won’t underestimate your intelligence, but […]

Your Website Sucks, and You Need a New One

Take a good long look at your website. Is it really doing what you want it to? Does it really cast you as a FemDom professional who knows what she is doing? Or does it scream, “I’m an amateur”? If you used a free web hosting service, the odds are, your website looks pretty bad. Take a look at other Mistress’s websites. Look at the ones you follow on Twitter or FetLife, and think about how much better their sites look. Now imagine that you are a prospective client – who would you rather spend your money on? I know FemDoms work hard. I know you put in far more hours than your clients can possibly imagine. But when someone […]

Adult Web Design Like No One Else

Your website is a reflection of you and the services you provide.  At The Black Boot Concern, we specialize in creating bespoke websites, made to order for each client. We don’t like creating the same website over and over again.  It’s boring, and it makes the Internet a dull place. No one likes that. Be different, and stand apart from the crowd. We want to help you deliver your content online by developing a unique website for you. From customized WordPress templates to designs we cook up from scratch, The Black Boot Concern can make you stand out. Plus, we offer hosting on a platform that is friendly for adult websites. Did we mention we also do Search Engine Optimization? Yup. Your website is only […]